D'Vane ​​

D'Vane's artistry is a reflection of humankind's quest for the divine, that is, for perfection, whether through the contemplation of nature or in man's creation that ultimately falls short. This quest is ever reaching, infinite,  as made manifest in the artist's symbol of infinity encompassed within a perfect, complete circle--a symbol of humankind's infinite, but unattainable quest for perfection. At times abstract and definitive, figurative and linear, D'Vane resists archetypal classification. Since humankind's never-ending pursuit of perfection encompasses all aspects of both the known and unknown, D'Vane employs a wide array of themes to capture infinite completeness. He frequently incorporates the figural and literal into his systematic pieces. Although certain aspects of his art are seemingly rudimentary, each unique piece is painted to highlight humankind's vain quest; therefore, each aspect expresses a certain degree of imperfection. Based on man's folly, his kinetic art is at once calculated and rigorous but also playful and whimsical.

Avalon Media Artistry


Ceabee draws inspiration for her art from nature and friends.  She primarily works with acrylic and resin, but she also likes to try unusual media in her work.  

Gunter's art work is extraordinary and eclectic which can only be summarized as a mix of art nouveau and surrealism.  He enjoys using all different types of mediums in his art.


Robbie loves nature and he enjoys capturing it on canvas to share with the world.  He primarily works with oils.  Bold and beautiful colors are reflected in all of his landscapes.